Silvia Prati

Young painter who lives and works in the city of flowers, Sanremo, cradle of singing, theatrical and rally.

The oil painting is the technique that prefers, enabling it to make results that hit the eye also of even non-experts, with an expressive immediacy wisely regulated by the thought that follows its production. The landscapes, the trees, the flowers and the sea are caught by a look that knows how to surprise not so much the details, what they mean, without any escape didactic or symbolic.

He has taken courses in restoration of frames and furniture from artisans and the laboratory imperiese Artemisia restorations. Therefore thorough techniques related to his main passion which help you to interpret in a new way the precious details of classic works.

The curiosity typical of the artist implies a new experiment that combines the gold leaf (technique meccatura) to acrylic paints, creating dreamlike works covertly.
After group shows or exhibitions within some antique galleries, in 2010 he presented his first solo at the Oratory of Santa Caterina Cervo, with her friend Simonetta De Benedetti, in the exhibition "Art and Sea". (See link)

The event drew many fans up to be the subject of several articles in newspapers and magazines online. A service dedicated to the exhibition has appeared on Sky channel Glamour TV.